I have always felt more at home among the grasses in the meadow than the hollow-eyed people in the city. The sound of seagulls calling in the whistling wind is the sound of home, of comfort, of safety.

I was opened up to the power of human experience, the tragedy of the depth of human destruction of nature, and of how our sense of being and belonging in the world is vital to how we function as living creatures. This awakened awareness led me on a journey of learning, exploration, and heartbreak.  I heard the call to return to nature, to the old ways, and to the knowledge we have lost and so desperately need to regain.

I found respite from the constant stress and anxiety of never feeling good enough, finding solace in the fullness and embodiment of a conscious breath, or the fleeting beauty of crystal raindrops hanging from winter branches, or of seeing a fox running wild and free in the early morning mist. The unrelenting struggle to bring myself into the quiet solitude of the present moment laid the fertile foundations for the creative, deeply submerged-in-nature existence which has become focus of so much of my energy.

Bernadette Smart Bernadette Smart BA, MA, E-RYT200, Certified Nature Healing Ally, Ir., Dip. Vitalist Nutrition & Iridology, Dip. Herbalism, Dip. Nutrition, ITEC Dip. Holistic Massage

My MA in Digital Humanities was focused around human-nature connection, and can be viewed here; interconnectedenvironments.com

Contact: bernadettebsmart@gmail.com