NATURE – I’m really excited to be working with The Foragers Retreat in Pebmarsh, Essex, where we will be running a range of nature healing and wild events in their beautiful studio and woodland. The wild food restaurant is opening in May 2019, and event planning is well under way.

PRENATAL YOGA – Coming very soon in Sudbury, Suffolk. A prenatal yoga class designed while I was seven months pregnant and suffering from Hyperemesis, severe indigestion, and an irritable uterus. I really struggle to practice yoga during my pregnancies, but the benefits are immense, during pregnancy, during birth and in to the postpartum period. This class provides deep rest and relaxation alongside movement, breath, and lots of shoulder, hip, and back opening and strengthening to help the body support the growing baby, and to nurture the mother.


Foraging and plant identification walks, wild medicine making, nature healing and connection workshops, wild nutrition and wild plant medicine.

Movement and meditation combined with nature healing, wild nutrition, and wild medicine making.

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