Sacred Offerings

Smudge Sticks

Handmade wild and organic sacred smudge sticks. Mugwort, rosemary, lemon balm, lavender, rose and assorted mixtures. £5

Mugwort Dreamers

Mugwort “dreamers” handmade with foraged wild mugwort and found feathers. To take flight at night, hang the dreamer above your bed. Mugwort has long been used in flying potions for its magical powers and ability to inspire lucid dreams. Sleep soundly, fly to other realms. £5

Feather Amulets

These amulets are made intuitively, and are infused with love and wild magic. Handmade items, all are unique and imperfect, these are magical items of divination, guidance, and protection. They can be worn as jewellery or hung above your door for protection. £10