Foraging, Folklore, Wild Food & Wild Medicine. Courses, Workshops & Walks

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I offer in-person courses, walks and workshops in the practice and principles of foraging, plant lore, wild food identification, preparation and preservation, wild medicine making and folk herbalism.

These courses are underpinned by personal responsibility and an understanding of the sovereignty of all beings; plants, animals, humans, microbes, rocks, and rivers.

The principles of equality and nature connectedness are of vital importance to everything I teach, but particularly in foraging we must ensure we are in right relationship with nature.

We must enter into and be in a space of respect, gratitude, and connection before engaging in this work. In foraging with care and attention we are fostering and remembering our sacred relationship with the land.

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On my courses you will learn the principles of how to forage safely and respectfully. How to leave no trace, take only a small amount and no more than you know you will use.

You will learn about some edible and medicinal plants which we find on our walk, and I will share my knowledge of plant medicines and folklore. 

I run these walks in the woods, salt marshes, fields, beaches, and hedgerows of Suffolk, Essex, and Norfolk. If you have a group who would like to learn the ancient practice of foraging please get in touch and we can organise an event, check out the upcoming events below, or get in touch to book me for a private event. 


Upcoming Events

Bringing in the Bough

Bringing in the Bough – A Yuletide celebration of midwinter foraging, folklore, and nature resonance. 

Come together in celebration of this, the darkest time of the year. A time of reflection and bringing in the light to the darkest midwinter nights. In this event we will explore some of the aspects of folklore which inform and underpin our traditions, we will connect with the earth in her time of great dreaming, looking to the plants at this dark time and the abundance that the Earth still offers even in the depths of winter. We will come together in simple ceremony to honour nature and the darkness of winter and make offerings to the Earth, the dark, and the North, the direction of shadows, wisdom, and challenge.

Early Spring Foraging – Fostering our sacred relationship with the land. 13th March 2022 11am-1pm. £15 per person.

Join me in early spring to explore the new shoots and new growth after the long hard winter. The plants and are awakening and we can hear them starting to unfurl into the newness of spring. Ipswich area. 

Previous events

Autumn Introduction to Foraging & Wild Medicine - October 10th 2021 (11am - 1pm)

Ipswich area

This foraging walk will cover a seasonal selection of both woodland and salt marsh plants. Exact location provided at time of booking. Please wear weather appropriate clothing.

This event lasts from 11 am until around 1pm. Cost £15 for adults, £5 for children, under 8’s free. 

To book please email

Foraging Walk with Wild Tea & Cake August 2021

During this really special event we came together to learn about wild foods and medicines, gathered herbs for our tea, and shared a nettle and blackberry cake.

More Wild Tea & Cake events coming soon. (If you would like a Wild Tea & Cake Walk at your home or business, please get in touch and we can discuss how to organise one of these very special wild events.)

Foraging in Lowestoft - July 2021

A really busy walk full of so many wonderful people. We found many edible and medicinal plants in both meadow and woodland. It was lovely to have such a mix of ages, teaching these skills to our children is so important.

Salt Marsh & Meadow Foraging in Manningtree - May 2021

Introduction to Foraging in Felixstowe - June 2021

Foraging & Wild Medicine in Bury St. Edmunds - April 2021