Foraging, Folklore, Wild Food & Wild Medicine. Courses, Workshops & Walks

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I offer in-person courses, walks and workshops in the practice and principles of foraging, plant lore, wild food identification, preparation and preservation, wild medicine making and folk herbalism.

These courses are underpinned by personal responsibility and an understanding of the sovereignty of all beings; plants, animals, humans, microbes, rocks, and rivers.

The principles of equality and nature connectedness are of vital importance to everything I teach, but particularly in foraging we must ensure we are in right relationship with nature.

We must enter into and be in a space of respect, gratitude, and connection before engaging in this work. In foraging with care and attention we are fostering and remembering our sacred relationship with the land.

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On my courses you will learn the principles of how to forage safely and respectfully. How to leave no trace, take only a small amount and no more than you know you will use.

You will learn about some edible and medicinal plants which we find on our walk, and I will share my knowledge of plant medicines and folklore. 

I run these walks in the woods, salt marshes, fields, beaches, and hedgerows of Suffolk, Essex, and Norfolk. If you have a group who would like to learn the ancient practice of foraging please get in touch and we can organise an event, check out the upcoming events below, or get in touch to book me for a private event. 

Upcoming Events

Spring Foraging walk

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Hedgerow & Woodland Foraging, Folklore & Wild Medicine with Nature Resonance

Saturday 20th May 2023 11am (approx 2hrs)

Lavenham, Suffolk

Spring Foraging, Wild Medicine & Folklore Walk in the beautiful woodlands and walks of Lavenham.  This walk will take in both woodland and hedgerow foraging and will incorporate a short nature resonance practice. These walks are plant-focused but will include some basic fungi identification if appropriate. Children can along come for free. The walk is not particularly strenuous but can be muddy depending on the weather so please dress appropriately.

£15 per person, children free.

To book your space either use the booking enquiry form or visit the shop to reserve your space immediately. 

Wild Medicine Making workshop with foraging

Learn some of the secrets from Wild Folk Apothecary

Wild Medicine Making

2023 dates tbc – register your interest here

Lavenham, Suffolk

Woodland & Hedgerow Foraging, Wild Medicine & Folklore with wild medicine making. In this event we will forage for medicinal plants and learn how to make simple plant medicines, oils, tinctures, and salves. All participants will make something that they can take home with them. Wild herb tea and lunch/cake provided.

£45 per person.

To book your space either use the booking enquiry form or visit the shop to reserve your space immediately.