For many years I have been walking this path of healing and discovery and connection. On that path I have studied many things, both officially, certified, and self-directed, and have found this above all to be an exercise in self-discovery, honest self-enquiry, and radical compassion and gratitude.

I have learnt that the goal is not a life of emotionless placidity, but a sharpened awareness of the emotions and language of the body and of the world around which can be interpreted and inspire growth and healing. Intuition is really just the practice of listening and hearing, of being connected and aware and tuned in to the environment, both inside and outside.

I have come to a point where everything is there, in a sense, although I am always learning and seeking deeper insight and connection. But I am ready to share my guidance with those who may seek it.

I am offering a personal mentorship programme to help seekers on the path to form a foundation, to learn techniques which will help them connect and become more embodied and more attuned to nature and to spirit.

I am only be able to take on one or two people at a time, so that I can give the right amount of time and attention.

Please get in touch in the first instance if you feel called to walk this path with me.