Nature is the thread that connects everything; the life-force that runs through all that we do, and all that we are.

Approaching health and healing through connecting to nature and rediscovering our natural ways of being in the world will help to soothe and repair deep cultural and ancestral wounds. If we carry the memory of this pain, then we also carry the knowledge of the medicine; we must simply reconnect.

The loss of our natural medicine and connection to the Earth is a source of much of the cultural and ancestral pain which we all carry with us, manifesting as deep unhappiness, lack of fulfillment, and the pain of total disconnection from our roots.

Nature inspires all that I do, and I strive to allow this inspiration to bring a deep authenticity and resonance to my work.

I hold an MA in Digital Humanities specialising in Human-Nature Connection, and can facilitate those who wish to find healing, and a deeper meaning in their lives through connection to their true nature; the authentic, natural self.

I am also a certified Nature Healing Ally through the study of Nature Resonance Medicine with The Plant Medicine School.

The somewhat unique combination of skills gathered during my own journey of education and discovery come together to create a deeply rejuvenating and healing practice which puts nature healing and connection into practice.