Vitalist, Natural, Wild, Medicinal, Intuitive & Holistic

My approach to nutrition is eclectic, natural, and holistic. There is no one specific tradition which gives a complete picture of optimal human nutrition so after many years of study and research I am always reminded to look to nature in all things. The more natural, raw, vibrant, free, local, and abundant our nutrition the more it will support the body to stay in its natural state of health.

Savoury Wild Green Pancakes

The concept of vitalism underpins much of my nutritional philosophy, and I have studied vitalist nutrition alongside more traditional and wild nutrition, understanding always that food is medicine and medicine food. Vitalism is based on the principle that life, nature, and the source or spirit from which they arise are fully present in all the tissues of the body, the mind, the heart, and the soul.

Approaching nutrition holistically, and in a way that understands the connections between health, nourishment, and environment creates a natural basis for our connected and embodied existence.

Vitalist Nutrition is plant-based with a focus on raw, living, unprocessed foods. The healing powers of medicinal foods act on our human bodies through cooperation and energy exchange between the vital life-forces within all living beings. These foods restore us to a state of vibrant health, which is the natural tendency of the body. The body is intelligent and self-healing, we need only create and support the conditions under which we can return to optimal health. I add to this foundation the health benefits of raw and unpasteurised dairy products, which in their natural state are a wonderful addition to the diet. Also fermented foods, preserved foods, and grass-fed, organic and if possible wild meat and eggs. I am also passionate about the specific health benefits of foraged foods and their nutritional profiles. The soil of our farmed lands is degraded to a point that our foods lack nutrition, wild foods have vitamins and minerals in abundance and are an important source of nourishment and connecttion to nature.

Nutrition as an act of nature connection

Approaching health and healing through connecting to nature and rediscovering our natural ways of being in the world will help us to find the way back to true vitality.  We must simply reconnect and remember to discover the medicine which is abundantly available all around us.

Health is so much more than the absence of disease, yet we have been conditioned into thinking that we are born faulty and in need of outside influence to make us healthy. This fundamental error in understanding comes from an attempt to control and fight against nature, instead of allowing growth, change, and flow, and listening to the profound yet simple messages of our bodies as connected aspects of nature.

A nutritional consultation

During a consultation I will take a full picture of your current diet and lifestyle. From this I will recommend foods to add and foods to replace. I may recommend herbs or natural healing protocols, specific wild foods, methods for cleasing drinking water or lifestyle changes that will support your return to vibrant health. I can make bespoke recipes, remedies, and medicinal foods from wild plants if required. It is my goal that I do not have repeat customers but instead give you the tools and knowledge to take control of your own health and healing. For recipes please take a look at my recipes page.

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