The Elements - Multidimensional Elemental Healing Balms & Salves

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The Elements

Four elemental, multi-dimensional balms and salves made with wild foraged herbs gathered by my own hands in deep reverence and connection.
These creations are the culmination of my dreamings with the elements and their medicine.

*If you would like to purchase any of the balms separately please send me a message to purchase directly or visit my Etsy shop.*

The Wanderer- Earth
Grounding foot balm - to dig your roots deep down into the Earth beneath your feet. To heal the feet and draw the energy downward, pulling fever down and out, rooting, connecting, and soothing the wandering spirit.
Heart-Opening Salve - Fire
To open the energetic heart, connect with your inner fire, passion, and creative spark. To heal and expand the physical lungs and heartspace and to bring the warmth of inspiration back into your being.
Cailleach Flying Ointment - Air
Dreaming and Divination Salve - to connect with your dreamworld, open the doorways of intuition and perception and fly freely with the element of air. To relieve pain and heal old wounds.
The Well-Maiden - Water
Bone-deep Healing Balm - To connect with the flowing emotions of water, to remember the ancestors and travel deep within to the flow of all that is. To reach down into the bones and joints and restore movement and flow relieving stuckness, and stagnation.
See my other listings on Etsy for more details on these four balms.
All of my creations are made within sacred space in deep reverence and connection. I give thanks to the herbs and communicate with them about what I am making and my intentions. I have built up a strong reciprocal relationship with my local flora over the years and find them supportive of my endeavours to share the mystery and magic of plant medicine with other seekers on the path.
*All of the items in our shop are handmade, ethically harvested, and herbs are wild foraged from remote places or grown at home in our cottage garden in rural Suffolk. If we need to source ingredients they are of the absolute best quality we can obtain and we go to great lengths to ensure our packaging is as natural and respectful of nature as possible. Everything we make is made at home with magical intention within sacred space, we ask the plants to help us from a place of equality and respect and in return we find that they give our offerings a deeper power and work on many different levels, physical, spiritual, energetic, and emotional. We work with the spirits of the plants, animals, and of place in a deeply respectful way that informs and helps to shape our creations. If you have any questions about any of our offerings please feel free to ask.*
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