Horse Chestnut Washing Liquid

Being a responsible being means thinking about what we can do to reduce our dependence on the systems which try to contain and control us. We are surrounded by a toxic soup of chemicals. Almost every product we use to clean our bodies and homes is filled with unmentionable poisons which have long term effects on our health, and on nature. As we wash these chemicals down the drain we wash away our natural barriers and turn our homes into sanitised, dead spaces. As the toxins flow away they flow into our water system, taking their deleterious effects to the rivers and seas, poisoning them and the life within them. What we have sacrificed for the idea of “cleanliness” is profound. We must find another way.

Horse chestnuts contain natural saponins and can be used to wash clothes.

The process is simple

Collect Horse chestnuts (5 or 6 will do, but they can be collected and dried in Autumn and used as needed)

Smash them up (I put them in a pillow case and attack with a rolling pin)

Pour on hot water

Leave overnight


Use as you would washing liquid

Free, natural, non-polluting and so satisfying, from the collecting to the smashing to the lovely foaminess of the saponins when you shake the jar.

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