Bernadette’s yoga teaching style has evolved over years of training, teaching and practice to become a non-traditional blend of creative dynamic vinyasa flow with a particular focus on core strengthening and improving back and shoulder strength and mobility.

“I realised that most people are affected by lack of core strength, back pain, and shoulder mobility in their daily lives, particularly those who spend much of their time sitting. In yoga we tend to focus on opening the hips more than other areas, and while this is beneficial, opening the hips without first strengthening the back and core can lead to injury. Our shoulders and backs are under constant strain from unnatural ways of being in the world, but we can rectify this through practicing yoga in a non-traditional, more therapeutic way.”

After some years teaching Ashtanga and Ashtanga inspired vinyasa flow classes with a strong focus on alignment, tradition and repetition, Bernadette trained in prenatal yoga, learning to slow down and really allow the body to lead the direction of practice. Spending some time working one-on-one with patients at a physiotherapy practice also brought a new level of awareness and interest in body-mechanics to Bernadette’s teaching.

“In my yoga teaching I draw from my training in holistic massage, nutrition, anatomy and physiology, and body mechanics to apply yoga practice to common physical problems. So many people are suffering from back, neck and shoulder pain; the use of yoga as a specific (and more generalised) physical therapy is very relevant to our modern lives. Students will leave my classes feeling relaxed, more open in their bodies and minds, more connected, but vitally, they will have started the process of reversing the damage and discomfort of poor posture, excessive sitting, and stress.”

  • Weekly Classes
  • Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Private Classes – Bespoke classes to address specific injuries or issues can be designed, and a plan created tailored to the individual needs of the client  (these can also be offered online via Skype). Please email to enquire.
  • Corporate Classes – Yoga can be a wonderful team building exercise, email for details of how to bring yoga into your workplace, address common physical and mental stresses, strengthen team relationships, and improve general well-being.